So, what's it all about?

       There are many individuals who would like to learn to play. I have met people who travel hundreds of miles to reenactments and musters who simply cannot do the same on a regular basis for lessons, but would still very much like to learn. I devised a system just for them, consisting of a music book and an audio compact disk.

       Please note that the fife played on the CD is a Bb instrument, beyond any doubt the most popular in use today. If you don't know if you have a Bb fife, measure the distance between the center of the blow hole and the center of the last finger hole. It should measure about 10-7/8 inches, give or take a bit.

       The lessons in the book are keyed to 75 tracks on the CD, so you can hear exactly how the instrument is supposed to sound when you play the exercises.

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    When you see   in the book, go to that CD track.

    Want to hear a lesson from the CD?      (MP3 player  required: Lesson1.mp3, 2.40 min. play time, 618KB, download time will vary, 1-2 min.)

Read what students and parents have to say about it:

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