Strube's Drum and Fife Instructor

     When I was a young man and a question came up regarding the proper way to perform 19th century music on the fife or on the drum, I was always told by my instructor to "look it up in Strube!" Whether it is a matter of obscure musical notation, the proper way to beat a particular rudiment or other drum beating, how to play "Church Call," "Wood Call." or "For Officers To Take Their Place After Firing," it is all there in 60 pages! Many of the duties, marches, and calls are printed in an "over and under" fashion so that the fifer and drummer can actually play from the same page.


      Gardiner A Strube was a Drum Major in the 19th Infantry, N.G.S.N.Y. He compiled his instructor during his military service in the U.S. Army. It was approved by Secretary of War, John A. Rawlins, on April 17th, 1869 "for the instruction of the Infantry of the Army of the United States, and for the observance of the Militia of the United States."  


     Digitally enhanced for clarity, the book opens from left to right, just like the original, and is "comb" bound so it lays flat for ease of reading.

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