We've a Case for AmRev Fifers!

     British musicians wore cases made of brass. Americans had theirs made from tin. This one is a beauty. Handcrafted by one of the best tinsmiths in the U.S. it measures 17 inches long with a 3 inch diameter. Both the main unit and the cap have a wooden divider, and it is equipped with an authentic twisted-hemp cord. In those glorious days when most garments, both civilian and military, were made from home-spun, a cotton cord would be a rare sight, indeed. It can be worn as is, or you can prime and paint it in the appropriate colors for your army department or militia unit.


     Polished to a silvery mirror-like finish and fabricated by one of the finest artisans in the craft using tools and methods of long ago, you can obtain one from Be A Fifer for $44.95 plus postage.
     Like all of the items that I carry, it is made in America and shipped from stock. If  you would like to own one, click on the fife to be taken to the order page or click on the PayPal button below to use a credit card.



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