Why are there so many drummers and only one fifer?

93rd NY Inf

They didn't have a teacher!

Do you want to be a fifer?

Get yourself a good teacher. That's the best way to learn. If there is nobody available in your area, click on the button above.

Note: The Tutorial on the Fife is designed for students using a Conventional, Bb 6-hole Fife as used by most reenactors and fife and drum corps in the United States. If you intend to learn on a gift shop Bb Maple Fife, DO NOT order the tutorial. Many of these fifes are most difficult to sound on, even by the most skilled musician, right out of the box. The Bb Plastic Student Fifes are fine as a learner's instrument and are available from Be A Fifer and elsewhere.
Nor can I help with the Yamaha plastic fife which requires fingerings more like a recorder.   

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