"If we had had your music, we could have won the war."
 --Confederate General Jubal Early to a Union officer at Appomattox

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     In the e-mails I receive every day, I am often asked which of the many available fife and drum recordings I recommend. Here are my suggestions:

     Over the course of many years as an historical musician, I have heard numerous recordings of various fife and drum organizations. Unfortunately, many of them did not have very good recording quality; some had crackles and whistles throughout. Often, the performance itself was not that well done. Recording fife and drum music is a difficult process. The frequency and dynamic range are large and equipment is often overdriven. When the Philadelphia Fife and Drum performs, I often tell television camera and sound men to set up their levels prior to the preformance just to avoid any problems. Even some professional recording studios have difficulty. Been there...done that.

     Of all the fife and drum recordings I have ever heard, the Ohio-based Camp Chase Fife and Drum has done the absolute best. Simply put, it is just like being there! I do not know how they did it, but their recordings are the finest I have ever heard from the perspectives of both performance and recording quality. These guys are very good at what they do.

Volume I - American Civil War Vol I


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                                                                                                       Vol 1 Compact Disk $14.95 

Volume II - American Civil War


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Compact Disk $14.95  

Vol III - Above the Clouds


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Compact Disk Vol. III $14.95  



Vol IV - Echoes from the Past - Listen to YouTube Excerpts


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Compact Disk $14.95 



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