Massachusetts Collection of Martial Music - 1818

     Written by Alvan Robinson and printed originally in 1818, this wonderful and very popular book was again published in 1820 and 1824. It would be of great interest for both fifers and drummers. Robinson designed the drum component as a series of 24 rudimental lessons, using the onomatopoeia or narrative method of describing the beatings. This was popular at the time and still is today despite the fact that more modern methods of musical scoring had been published by Lovering and others. Some musical historians believe that Robinson's work provided inspiration to Bruce and Emmett in the writing of their Fifers and Drummers Guide.

     For the fifer, there are a total of 73 pieces ranging from well known tunes like March to Boston (Road to Boston), York Fusillier, Hariott, White Cockade and Haymaker, on to a bunch of really great ones that haven't been played in many years. The contents, adding up to 48 pages, are listed below. They have all been digitally enhanced for clarity, missing pages and portions thereof sought and found.


Lesson 1 Long Roll
Lesson 2 Three Stroke Roll
Lesson 3 Five Stroke Roll
Lesson 4 Seven Stroke Roll
Lesson 5 Eight Stroke Roll
Lesson 6 Nine Stroke Roll
Lesson 7 Ten Stroke Roll

Lesson 8

Fifteen Stroke Roll
Lesson 9Right Hand Single Flam
Lesson 10Left Hand Single Flam
Lesson 11Right Hand Double Flam
Lesson 12Left hand Double Flam
Lesson 13Flam and a Two
Lesson 14Three and a Two
Lesson 15Flam and a two and one flam
Lesson 16Seven and a Two
Lesson 17Pad-a-diddle
Lesson 18Flam-a-diddle
Lesson 19Seven, Three and a Two
Lesson 20Two Flams and a Fife
Lesson 21Rough
Lesson 22Single Drag
Lesson 23Double Drag
Lesson 24Poing Stroke
Common Time, 1st mode
Common Time, 2nd mode
Common Time, 3rd mode
Common Time, 4st mode quick time
Warren's March
Waltz or Triple Time
Free-Mason's March
Morelli's Lesson
Single Drag
On the Way to the Field
Hay Maker Double Drag
No. 13
Cubie's March
Baltimore March
General Salute
Drummer's Call
Rogue's March
Pioneer's March
Three Cheers
The General
Roast Beef
Peas Upon the Trencher
The Troop
Plus 24 drill and field signals

     There are also 73 tunes for the fife:.

Recruiting OfficerJamie's ReturnMidnight HourKing William's March
Adjutant's FavoriteBlue Beard's MarchMadrigalWhite Cockade
York Fusillier AmericaQueen of HeartsButton Hole
Bainbridges ReturnWaltzClod PolesBethel Quickstep
Duke's Favorite Distant ViewMy NanioBold Highlander
Jones' FrolicThe StarDouble DragBaltimore
Lads and LassesTempest of WarMorelli's LessonMarch to Boston
What You PleaseMarquis of Granby's MarchCapt. Money's March Banks of Flowers
Miss Barker's HornpipeRussian DanceNo. 1O dear what can the matter be!
Minot QuickstepSoldier's ReturnNo. 2Rural Felicity
Knolton's Quickstep Venetian CanzonettYankee DoodleHollow Drum
ConjugalityTrip to RandeleaghOld FestusDuke's March
Hull's Return Drops of BrandySallyThe Black Cockade
When Bidden to the WakeQuickstepHarriotFrench Maroh
FriendshipQuick March Boyne WatersLady Bruce's Reel
Col. Favorite Neglected FairHampton MarchRobinson's March
Warren's MarchKaty's RamblesGen. Washington's March God save America
Bliss' Reel Portland QuickstepPortland FairDurham March
Life Let Us Cherish   

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