I'm Ed Boyle, and I have played the fife for over sixty years... precolonial, American Revolution, Civil War...you name it. I have performed from Maine to Florida and in Europe as well, performing in England and Italy just last year. Going back to before the Bicentennial, millions of visitors and conventioneers in Philadelphia have heard me play, and I have taught hundreds of fife players over the years. I now manage the Philadelphia Fife and Drum. I am also Fife Instructor to the 28th PA Mifflin Guard Field Music, Principal Musician in the 104th PA McClellan's Rangers, and a 50+ year member of Lancraft Fife and Drum Corps of North Haven, CT.

       I am also a frequent contributor to The Ancient Times, and have published a few books of historical music. Now, I can be your teacher and you can hear exactly what the fife is supposed to sound like. You can listen to each lesson as it is performed on a fife by me, and play right along, just as if I were standing right beside you.    Interested?    

Click on the fife.